Networked Improvement Community Design Learning Lab℠


Networked Improvement Community Design Learning Lab℠ is a seven-month program designed to guide participating teams through the process of initiating and launching their own scientific learning community using improvement science methods. Participants develop their knowledge of a set of tools and processes by applying them to their own work with guidance from Carnegie Foundation faculty. A sampling of past participants’ focus areas include:

  • Student agency and growth mindset in mathematics
  • Successful completion of advanced STEM courses
  • Recruitment and retention of early career teachers
  • Improving third-grade literacy

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Learning Objectives

  • Execute foundational activities to initiate a NIC (i.e., chartering)
  • Apply NIC developmental theory to your work
  • Launch a NIC with a plan for roles, structures, routines, and desired cultural norms

Program Details

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Program Structure

  • A pre-Lab webinar
  • Four onsite workshops at the Carnegie Foundation
  • Customized virtual coaching for teams during NIC development action periods
  • Videos, readings, team assignments, journal prompts, and webinars
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Team Structure

It is important that teams have consistent team member participation for the duration of the program. Teams attending Networked Improvement Community Design Learning Lab should be comprised of four members in the following roles:

  • Senior-Level Sponsor – an organizational leader that actively guides, monitors, and supports the NIC, addressing organizational barriers as needed
  • Network Director – the day-to-day leader of the NIC
  • Improvement Lead – a strong analytical thinker who facilitates inquiry, data analysis, and theory development
  • Front-Line Practitioner – an “on-the-ground” expert, such as a teacher or an administrator, who has in-depth knowledge, experience, and insights about the problem of focus
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Time Required

Networked Improvement Community Design Learning Lab is a seven-month commitment. There will be four in-person workshops for 2.5 days each. During the time between workshops, teams should be prepared to dedicate focused effort to Networked Improvement Community Design Learning Lab-related work.  When deciding to participate in Learning Lab, it is important that a team is:

  • Able to maintain consistent team member participation for the duration of the program
  • Committed to completing the work between workshops
  • Prepared and resourced to launch and operate a networked improvement community following completion of Networked Improvement Community Design Learning Lab

Is Networked Improvement Communities Design Learning Lab Right for Your Team?

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